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Membership - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Register and the Panel?

We recognise that mediators from different backgrounds have different requirements and believe our membership packages fairly reflect this.



Registration is designed to meet the needs of individual mediators either established or developing their careers.  Registration membership confers the unique opportunity to be part of strong and supportive network of ADR professionals.  Various CPD, thought leadership and practice development programmes take place throughout the year offering members preferential rates.  Registration membership includes the listing of your details on ADR Group’s website.  The Registration is ideal for members who need support with their Practice and Development, mediators who wish to get back into mediation but have not kept up with the Civil Mediation Council's Practice and Standards or newly trained mediators. 



The ADR Group will actively seek to promote and market members on the Panel for mediation appointments.  The Panel is designed to provide potential parties to mediation access to a nationwide panel of trained professional mediators through a leading membership body.  Panel members will also benefit from the unique opportunity to be part of a strong and supportive network of ADR professionals.  Various CPD, thought leadership and practice development programmes take place throughout the year and are included in the membership fee.  Panel membership includes a full profile on the ADR Group website - a significant marketing tool - and targeted marketing by our Dispute Resolution Services Team.


Why is the Panel by application and invitation only?

The unique selling point of the ADR Group is that all its referrals are given to members.  Since ADR Group’s formation in 1989, as the first commercial mediation services provider, there are now many more mediation providers that have entered the market.  With this increased competition the ADR Group can no longer operate a Panel that is open to everyone as it would be impossible to serve every member with mediation referrals.  The ADR Group needs to feel confident that it can effectively market and promote a member in line with its current source of mediations.  To manage expectations, Panel membership is by application and invitation only.  


The ADR Group is dedicated to sourcing new streams of mediation cases.  The more cases we start receiving, the more openings for places on the Panel to meet the increasing demand.


Who decides who gets selected for the Panel?

The decision will be made by the Disputes Resolution Services Team.  The team have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the types of case referrals and which mediators will match the current demand.


If I am not selected to go on the Panel, does this mean I'm not a good mediator?

No.  It just means that in terms of the current supply of mediations the ADR Group administer, it knows it is unable to serve some mediators effectively.


So what are the benefits of me joining the Registration if you cannot guarantee a case?

Please see the list of benefits for Civil and Commercial, Workplace and Family membership.


If I join the Registration why are my observations not guaranteed?

It has been our experience that we have not always been able to provide observations to all new members.  Therefore, to avoid disappointment and manage expectations we cannot guarantee observations.


If I am a newly qualified mediator and you cannot provide me with observations, how will I meet the Civil Mediation Council’s (CMC) criteria of having observed three mediations before being able to conduct mediations?

The CMC requires new mediators of an Accredited Mediation Provider, such as the ADR Group, to have observed at least three civil or commercial mediations over the last 12 months before they are eligible for appointment as a lead mediator (though the Provider).  One of these observerships may be of a role-play nature.


The ADR Group cannot guarantee observations for newly qualified mediators but will do all it can to help with this requirement.  In addition to observations, the ADR Group will regularly hold events such as simulated mediations as well as networking events to allow you to make your own contacts with mediators and arrange your own observations.


If I have joined more than one Panel or Registration, why are my benefits restricted so that I can only attend a maximum of four free events?

It is not sustainable for ADR Group to offer an unlimited number of free events.  In recognition of this, if you choose to join more than one Panel or Registration, ADR Group does not charge the full price for the additional Panel / Registration you join.


I would like to join the Panel and understand that I won't be guaranteed cases, I just want my profile advertised, can I still be considered ?

The ADR Group does not like to disappoint any of its members.  This is why Panel membership is by application and invitation only.  We want to be confident that we can market you effectively so that this can lead to mediation appointments.


Do you offer Corporate Membership?

If there are more than three individuals joining from one firm then the ADR Group are willing to offer a discount on membership.  The ADR Group accepts that all firms have different requirements and are happy to offer bespoke membership packages.  If you are interested, please contact the Membership Team  to discuss this further.


Who is ADR Group regulated by?

For Civil and Commercial and Workplace mediations, ADR Group is subject to the requirements of the Civil Mediation Council’s accredited ADR provider’s scheme. For Civil and Commercial and Workplace mediations, the ADR Group abide by the ADR Rules of Membership, ADR Group’s Code of Conduct (which is the European Code of Conduct) and ADR Group’s CPD Policy.



If your questions are not answered in these FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Team on 020 3600 5050 or


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