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At ADR Group, we offer a wide range of training and development programmes across the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).


As the longest established dispute resolution training provider in the UK, we have pioneered an extensive range of comprehensive training programmes across the civil, commercial, and workplace sectors. The ADR Group is widely acknowledged as one of the leading providers of professional mediator training and development in the UK. 


ADR Group offer fully accredited training recognised by the Civil Mediation Council for both our Civil and Commercial and Workplace Mediator Training Courses.  Our training meets all of the recognised mediation standards in the UK and Europe.  


We have delivered training to thousands of professionals.  Our reputation ensures that mediators with ADR Group Accreditation have both the skills and the credibility to become successful civil & commercial, workplace or family mediators and ADR professionals.


All of our brochures are available for download using the links below: 

Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Brochure

Workplace Mediator Training Brochure



Latest News

01 Oct 2019

Potentially Harmful Email Warning

It has come to our attention that some ADR Group email addresses have been hijacked at some point over the last couple of days.  We have identified and rectified the cause of this and reviewed our security procedures to ensure that a similar event does not happen again.


Unfortunately, however, the result of this is that some people that we have previously sent emails to may receive a potentially dangerous email that appears to be sent from an ADR Group employee. 


The way to identify such an email is as follows:


1. Although the message appears to come from us, the sender’s email address will be something completely different.

2. The subject line may have the word ‘Re’ in it twice e.g.  ‘Re: Re: Your dispute with XYZ Ltd’

3. The message will either have an attachment or a link that you are asked to open or click on.

4. The message will not have the usual ADR Group signature and disclaimer at the bottom, it will just have an ADR Group employees name  and email address.


If you receive any such email from us, or any other sender, please delete it immediately.  If you are not sure whether an email is legitimate or not please contact us, or any other sender first.  If you have received such an email and have already tried to open the attachment or link please carry out an anti-virus scan immediately or else speak with your IT department, if appropriate.


Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

27 May 2019

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