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Workplace Mediation Training

Our flagship Workplace Mediation Training Programme covers the core foundation skills and attributes required to conduct workplace mediations effectively. ADR Group’s approach to workplace mediation goes beyond the traditional problem-solving, interest-based methods. Interpersonal conflict lies at the heart of workplace disputes and our training incorporates in-depth psychological insight.  We present evidence from neuroscience and behavioural change research and help you apply this knowledge enabling you to develop appropriate tools and techniques that guide ethical and effective practice.   Successful completion leads to being awarded the ADR Group Certificate of Accreditation as a Workplace Mediator. 


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Becoming a Mediator

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution approach which offers an informal, structured process in which an independent third party, a mediator, helps people in a disagreement or dispute to create a way forward.  It is future focused moving emphasis from how things have been towards a healthy working relationship with mutually agreed practical solutions to the issues which have held them back in the past.  Mediation can also be used where there is conflict within teams.


Companies are increasingly acknowledging the significance of a professional mediator and the impact mediation can have in the resolution of a workplace dispute.  In addition, more and more HR professionals realise the importance of developing an effective dispute resolution skillset to enhance their credentials and ability to deal with disputes within the workplace.


Who Should Attend

Our Workplace Mediator Training Programme is designed and aimed towards any person wishing to practice as a workplace mediator.  The skills and approach of our mediation training lends itself to a wide range of disciplines – to include:

  • HR Directors, HR Business Partners, case and advice specialists
  • Managing Directors, leadership teams and anyone with managerial responsibility
  • Complaint handlers and customer service teams
  • Employment consultants
  • Union representatives and Employee Relations teams
  • Professionals - Solicitors, Doctors, Accountants, Healthcare and other professionals


To be successful, Mediation needs to be part of a wider strategy to realise the true benefits of early intervention to the organisation, line manager and inidivdual.


Why Choose ADR Group

Aligning yourself to the right organisation is key to developing a mediation practice.  It was the ADR Group that introduced and formalised mediation training in the UK, bringing recognition to mediation as a profession and setting the standards within the industry.  We have been leading the way ever since with a reputation for excellence in the field of mediation.  We are a founding member of the Civil Mediation Council - the UK's leading authority in Civil & Commercial, Workplace and Non-Family mediation. 


Recognised Accreditation

ADR Group's training is recognised by the Civil Mediation Council.  Our mediation courses have continually evolved in association with distinguished experts to ensure that they reflect the latest thinking and practice in the field.  Following successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with the title of ADR Group Accredited Workplace Mediator.


Meeting Standards

Our Workplace Training course meets the required standards of the Civil Mediation Council.

Support and Development

After successfully completing the ADR Group training course, you are eligible to join ADR Group's membership, a strong network of ADR professionals where you can benefit from networking events, introduction to  mediators and other continual professional development opportunities.


Further information

If you would like further information about this or any of our courses or need help identifying the right course for you, contact our qualifed Training Services team on +44 020 3600 5050



Workplace Mediation Training Course Schedule


07 Oct - 11 Oct 2019

£2000.00 + VAT

16 Mar - 20 Mar 2020

£2000.00 + VAT

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