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Nick Cox

Civil and Commercial Mediator


Practice Overview

Nick does not believe mediation should be viewed as a soft option, but believes that it presents a real opportunity for the parties to take control of their own destiny. He believes that in some cases effective mediation is really the only answer. 


Nick looks for solutions to problems, and views mediation as an opportunity to find them, unlike other forms of dispute resolution.


His mediation style seeks to put the parties at the centre of the process wherever possible, and to understand the motivation of each party that has led them into the dispute. He will test the relative merits of the opposing positions and encourage them and their lawyers to think outside the box where the dispute may be a symptom of a wider problem. 


Professional background 

Nick has over 30 years of experience in contentious matters, and in the last 20 years had specialised in contentious property and commercial contract disputes, although he values the experience gained in a broader spectrum of work in his early years. The insights learnt from 5 years spent doing some criminal defence work when newly qualified, have stayed with him! 


His own practice encompasses a range of cases, although his preferred area is commercial landlord and tenant, and he has a good grasp of real property issues. Nick has also been involved in several high value commercial mediations both as mediator and party’s representative. 


A former Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, he has been a litigation partner, first with a recognised regional heavyweight and in his present Cheltenham firm, since 1991. 


He was accredited with ADR Group in 2003. 


He has been regularly conducting mediations across the West of England since 2003, most recently Taunton and Bristol. 



He is has been recognised for property litigation and commercial litigation in recent editions of Legal 500 and Chambers directories which quoted in its 2014 edition that he is “very good at handing clients”. 


One party has acknowledged his ‘titanic efforts’ to settle a recent case.


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