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Nigel Tillott

Civil & Commercial and Workplace Mediator


Practice Overview

Nigel brings a practical and commonsense approach towards mediations.  He recognises the need to build a rapport with participants, yet, whilst always courteous, is not afraid to play “devils advocate” as without appreciating the case from all angles settlement prospects are much reduced.  Nigel has been bringing his combination of commonsense and tenacity into mediations across the whole commercial spectrum over the last 20 years.  Whilst employment is his primary area of practice, Nigel mediates across a wide range of other areas including professional negligence, contract claims, property disputes, partnership disputes, tortious claims and construction disputes.

Professional Background

Nigel qualified as a Solicitor at Clarks in Reading in 1987 and has been a Partner in a leading south west and midlands law firm in the Commercial Services and Employment Departments from 1992.  He has particular expertise in the employment field but has also mediated in a range of other areas. 

Nigel is also a highly regarded and experienced workplace mediator.  His experience means that he is frequently engaged as a Mediation Trainer and also to assess and mentor prospective Mediators.


  • “The Mediator conducted the mediation very well.  The Mediator was very good in building rapport, listening and assisting in bringing the matter towards a conclusion.  We were happy that the matter resolved without need for Court intervention.”

  • “We have got a resolution on what had so far been a difficult case where there appeared to be no middle ground, so definitely a success.  I will consider mediation more often in the future.”

  • “Nigel worked wonders… I have seen both parties and both are much happier and better able to work together – and I understand the whole team feel better too.  They had a number of difficult issues to deal with together and have at least started those conversations in a positive way – both, as far as I’m aware, keeping to their agreement.”

  • “Nigel – a big thank you.”


Other Experience

  • Nigel is a member of the ADR Group Workplace Panel.

  • He is also a member of the Employment Lawyer’s Association and the Regulatory Lawyers Association


Areas of Specialism

  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Contract
  • Employment
  • Partnership
  • Professional Negligence
  • Property
  • Real Estate
  • Workplace

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