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Peter McLoughlin

Civil and Commercial Mediator


Practice Overview

Peter has considerable experience of resolving wide ranging disputes of varying complexity. He is adept at recognising the commercial interests of the parties to the dispute, and respects the imperatives and environments that underpin a party’s position. He is a facilitative and innovative mediator, but regards that as an exacting task necessitating everyone working hard by scrutinising and revisiting aspects of the dispute in order to afford the best chance of a satisfactory outcome.


Professional Background

A qualified solicitor for over 20 years. Background experience includes a wide range of commercial disputes, including general contract/commercial, construction and engineering (with particular familiarity with term contract disputes whether involving the public or private sector), professional negligence, insolvency, partnership, insurance, life and pensions, and commercial recovery.

An integral part of his experience is his ability to engage with all involved in a dispute to attempt to resolve matters in a pragmatic fashion, and this in turn has developed a sincere belief in the value and importance of the place of mediation in dispute resolution. As well as being accredited with ADRGroup, he is also accredited with a number of other major mediator appointing bodies and speaks on mediation issues.



  • “Able to maintain excellent client/mediator rapport”

  • “Very personable and was particularly adept at making all parties feel at ease”

  • “Managed to make my clients feel like he understood their side of the story whilst successfully as he said ‘poking them with a stick’ and making them consider ideas that previously they hadn’t or that they felt uncomfortable with”

  • “An able mediator and an effective communicator”

  • “Very effective on the day in leading both sides to a satisfactory result”

  • “Peter is a very effective mediator, able to encourage parties to focus upon achieving a resolution of their disputes, adopting a thoroughly professional and impartial approach. Peter has achieved a very high success rate with the disputes I have referred. I would definitely recommend Peter and work with him again.”

  • “Affable and approachable”.


Areas of Specialism

  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Contract
  • Debt Recovery
  • Engineering
  • Insolvency
  • Partnership
  • Professional Negligence
  • Shareholder Dispute

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