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On May 23, 2013, former United Nations Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kofi Annan delivered the Global Centre for Pluralism's second annual Pluralism Lecture.


Pluralist societies by their nature are challenging to govern. To secure the equitable outcomes of pluralism, Mr. Annan urged governments to:


It can be challenging to work with groups to make mutually acceptable decisions. Whether your “group” is a small company, a corporate board, a company department, start-up,  project team, school, community organization,  church group , or even a small group of individuals with shared interests that is struggling with conflict, grappling with these issues can  be disruptive.  As one who can influence decisions in these situations, you can become part of the effort to create understanding rather than conflict amongst people in conflict. Hiring a facilitator to work with your group has proven results.


ADRGroup is now positioned, through a team of internationally experienced consultants, to assist you in these situations, in any combination of facilitating meetings, designing an appropriate process to match your needs, conducting small and large group dialogues, consultation related to these issues, as well as training in facilitation and dialogue work.


Dialogue  is used to create safe spaces for productive, facilitated dialogue among people with diverse positions and identities. The goal of the format is to acknowledge and understand differences on controversial topics, not necessarily to achieve agreement or consensus.


ADRGroup’s consultants are experts in a range of group process approaches. They are sensitive to organizational issues, politics and cultural expectations of groups, and they recognize the challenges that groups may face. 


Through our team of International Consultants, we are uniquely positioned to assist you, globally. While English language is the most common for us, we are positioned through our consultants and team to put together a process in your native tongue, both, in-person, and , in appropriate settings, using online technologies.

For more information of our facilitation and dialogue services please contact our Education and Training department on or call +44 (0) 203 600 5050.


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