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Dispute Resolution - Family

Family mediation can be used to resolve a number of issues arising out of a divorce or separation in a civil partnership.  As an independent third party, a mediator will facilitate the negotiation of a number of issues ranging from arrangements for  children including child and spousal maintenance payments as well as finances in general; including savings, pensions and any debt. 


Family mediation can also be beneficial when arrangements that have previously been agreed or subject to a court order may need to be varied to reflect a change in circumstances.


Mediation is an attractive alternative to dealing with  your separation through the court system.  In court, the Judge will assess your circumstances and may make a decision that neither party wanted.  In mediation, you stay in control of decisions relating to your children and your finances.   Any proposals that you come to within the mediation can become part of a legally binding order. The process offers a bespoke service to families which is quicker than the court process and often more cost effective.


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