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ADRGroup Kenya is the Kenyan branch of ADR Group, which is acknowledged  as a leading authority in mediation and other dispute resolution techniques. We are known for the quality service we continue to provide and have provided for the past 26 years.
Our three core service areas include:

Teach - the broadest programme of dispute resolution training courses in the UK, from mediator accreditation to advanced dispute resolution courses. 
Talk - consultancy and bespoke solutions for organisations requiring tailored dispute resolution services. 
Resolve - cost-effective, professional dispute resolution for business, the workplace or the family.
In the Kenya, we will be providing, independently or collaborating with ADR Groups other international offices in order to bring to the Kenya and the East Africa region:
An established alternative dispute resolution company in the UK with an exceptional reputation for quality and professionalism in mediation 
Comprehensive training programmes have been developed by renowned experts in the field of mediation, in the following specialties:
Civil and Commercial
In due time,  a  panel of expert accredited mediators offering clients a choice of mediators by specialism and geography 
Consultancy and design of commercial dispute resolution programs for specific cases, or companies.

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