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At ADR Group, we offer the most current and bespoke training packages across the Dispute Resolution field.  With Dispute Resolution steadily growing, we are experiencing more trainees coming from a broad range of backgrounds and choosing to train with ADRg for many different reasons.  Some choose to train because it offers a natural expansion to their existing career, others because they want to develop a new, rewarding and professional career.


Whatever the reason is for choosing our training courses, we are here to help you find that course that will enhance your skills, or even give you new skills to take into the working world of your choice.


ADR Group has developed a comprehensive portfolio of dispute resolution training available in the UK, and globally.  Recognised not only in the UK as a CMC and FMC provider of Mediation Training, but also across the World.  We offer all our courses in-house and as open courses in locations around the UK, USA, Africa, Greece, Cyprus and India to name a few, making each packaged course bespoke to the needs of the trainees.  We also exclusivley provide mediation and mediation advocacy courses to Bar students at three authorised bar training providers.


Our Training Programmes are set out in nine main areas; Family Mediation Training, Civil & Commercial Mediation Training, Workplace Mediation Training, ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) Training, Hybrid Training, Conversion Training, University Mediation, Education Training, Adjudication Training and Arbitration Training.  With an International Faculty of around 15 experts in the field of Dispute Resolution from across the World we are able to provide a comprehensive, interactive training course bespoke to your needs and skill set.


As one of the few quality providers who can offer CMC (Civil Mediation Council) accreditation, we can also offer you FMC (Family Mediation Council) accreditation within Family Mediation, we can also help you to become a CMC approved Member of ADRg which will allow you to obtain work through our Membership. 


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