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Mediation Advocacy Training 

Our Mediator Advocacy Training programme is run in conjunction with SCMA and led by SCMA Director, Andrew Goodman.  Andrew is an experienced and well regarded international trainer and an expert in mediation advocacy.


Our course on Advanced Mediation Advocacy runs over 1-day, 9.00am to 6.00pm (UK).  


Who Should Attend?

Our mediation advocacy programme is aimed at anyone with an interest in mediation and particularly those that are representing clients at mediation.  


Recognised Certification 

Successful completion of the training programme will lead to certification in Advanced Mediation Advocacy certified jointly by ADR Group and SCMA.  


Key Learning Objectives 

  • Promoting mediation advocacy as an essential tool in practice development for litigators and transactional lawyers

  • Identifying risk and reward in mediation strategy

  • Preparing for mediation – practical tips to meet client needs

  • Building and maintaining the BATNA 

  • Using the mediator, using the process to identify options for client gain

  • Deriving significant fee income from mediation practice – future-proofing the growth of ADR

  • Preparing for cross-border, multi-national or multi-party mediation 

  • Cross-cultural approaches to mediating outside your jurisdiction


These thought-provoking and rigorous courses will challenge your assumptions as professional, and as a lawyer.


Certificate in Mediation Advocacy

  • Understanding the process and legal context

  • Why mediate and when

  • The role of the lawyer/advocate in mediation

  • Learning the client’s interests:– what success looks like for the client’s 

  • Mediation in non-contentious and transactional business 

  • Role of the advocate in mediator selection and principles involved in choosing a mediator

  • The Mediation Agreement, standardisation and particularity 

  • Considerations for Mediator selection and management in cross—border disputes

  • Mediator neutrality and the mediator’s purpose

  • Preparation and pre-mediation documents

  • Planning and strategy for managed negotiation 

  • Using the mediator to add value

  • The mediation day

  • Settlement

  • Developing the role of the mediation advocate in specific tasks;

  • From combat to cooperation, competition to collaboration

  • Dealing with common problems, including ethical dilemmas; 

  • Developing a more sophisticated negotiation strategy; 

  • Getting the best out of online mediation 

  • Preparing for and engaging in cross-border, cross-cultural or multi-party international mediation


Member Discount

ADR Group panel members and SCMA members will receive a 15% discount* on the advertised course price.  


Added Bonus

All delegates attending this programme will receive a free digital copy of Effective Mediation Advcacy (3rd Edition) or Advanced Mediation Advocacy written by Andrew Goodman. 


*All discounts applied upon completion of booking, at point of invoice. 


Upcoming Training Courses

Civil and Commercial Mediation Training

24 - 28 Jun 2024

London (limited places remaining)
£3250.00 + VAT
23 - 27 Sep 2024

Online (Zoom)
£2750.00 + VAT
18 - 22 Nov 2024

£3,250.00 + VAT

Workplace Mediation Training

07 - 09 Oct 2024

14 Oct - 15 Oct 2024

Online (Zoom)
£1950.00 + VAT

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What Attendees Say

Mediation Training 

"I had already trained with a lesser known mediation company, though I wish I hadn't. Once I started to train with ADR Group, I realised how much i'd missed out on and how much I had to gain by training correctly. The trainers at ADR Group were the most helpful, friendly, informative and supportive trainers I could have ever wished for. The training was fun, informative and interesting and I am forever grateful to ADR Group for helping me along the way."

Joanna Nutley

Mediator Training

"I was extremely impressed by both the content and the delivery of the course particularly given the need to deliver it remotely. I have heard colleagues talk about mediation training that they have undertaken recently with other providers and this course would certainly appear to be more comprehensive than those."


Latest News

Angus Crawford and Garry Ferguson

We are extremely pleased to welcome Angus Crawford and Garry Ferguson to our Panel of mediators.  Mark Belford says "Angus and Garry have a wealth of mediation experience and add further strength to our mediator panel. They are both available for appointments throughout the UK, but having a presence in Scotland is an exciting step forward for ADR Group."

13 Feb 2023

Would you like to join our panel of Mediators click here
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