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What Others Say

Mediation Services

"After 25 years of good old fashioned litigation I would describe myself as a mediation sceptic, that is, until I experienced Toby Walker and the team at ADR Group who showed me and my clients how it's really done and why it can be relied upon to produce results"

Mediation Services 

"ADR Group is a well-run and efficient service provider.  They listen to your mediation requirements with care and make sure they pair you with a mediator suited to your needs.  Everything is done in a very timely manner.  My first point of call, always" 

Mediation Services 

"ADR Group make organising mediations easy"

Mediation Training 

"I had already trained with a lesser known mediation company, though I wish I hadn't. Once I started to train with ADR Group, I realised how much i'd missed out on and how much I had to gain by training correctly. The trainers at ADR Group were the most helpful, friendly, informative and supportive trainers I could have ever wished for. The training was fun, informative and interesting and I am forever grateful to ADR Group for helping me along the way."

Joanna Nutley

Mediator Training

"I was extremely impressed by both the content and the delivery of the course particularly given the need to deliver it remotely. I have heard colleagues talk about mediation training that they have undertaken recently with other providers and this course would certainly appear to be more comprehensive than those."


Mediation Services

"I must say I was very impressed with the service received from the ADR Group and I will certainly be using you again in the future. Right from the start I was highly impressed with Sam; his responsiveness and communication was excellent."  Legal Counsel  

Our Mediators

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Jonathan Arkush

Civil and Commercial Mediator


Practice Overview

Jonathan Arkush has more than 30 years’ experience in commercial chancery, contested probate and real estate disputes. Besides his vast knowledge of the law, in mediation, he is well versed in asking the penetrating questions designed to flush out the parties’ real views on the merits of their case and expose its strengths, weaknesses and risks.  Commercial mediation is a proven means of achieving a successful settlement outcome on the day and that is reflected in his experience and success rate. By temperament and experience he is not overawed by difficult parties or their representatives.


Professional Background

Jonathan has conducted more than 350 mediations concerning a wide range of disputes, including inheritance, wills and probate, negligence (both professional and otherwise), breach of contract, breach of trust, commercial and residential property, contested shares in property, boundary and neighbour disputes, family trusts and settlements, disputes between members of charitable and religious bodies, sale of goods and banking disputes. These mainly involved substantial amounts at stake, frequently in the high 6 figures and, in the case of the trusts and settlements matters in particular, in 7 figures. He received the ADRg Award 2006 for his contribution to ADR and was cited as one of the group’s most successful mediators.


Other experience

Jonathan was called in 1977. Jonathan is a senior barrister with great experience of appearing in courts of all levels including the Supreme Court. He was appointed as Deputy Master in the Chancery Division (now the Business and Property Court) in 2002 and this has helped him to keep a firm hand on difficult situations and assess rival contentions tactfully and with impartiality and fairness.


Professional Memberships

In addition to being an accredited mediator with ADR Group, he is on the Mediation Panels of: Property Bar Association, Chancery Bar Association, Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists.  

Jonathan contributed the chapter on Landlord and Tenant Disputes to ADR and Commercial Disputes, Sweet & Maxwell, 2002.


Areas of Specialism

  • Banking
  • Boundary Dispute
  • Commercial
  • Contract
  • Inheritance
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Professional Negligence
  • Property
  • Right of Way
  • Trusts
  • Wills and Probate

Latest News

Angus Crawford and Garry Ferguson

We are extremely pleased to welcome Angus Crawford and Garry Ferguson to our Panel of mediators.  Mark Belford says "Angus and Garry have a wealth of mediation experience and add further strength to our mediator panel. They are both available for appointments throughout the UK, but having a presence in Scotland is an exciting step forward for ADR Group."

13 Feb 2023

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