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Managing conflict in the workplace is becoming increasingly challenging.  The CBO (Confederation of British Industry) estimates that conflict is taking up to 20% of leadership time, resulting in a loss of productivity and an increase in absenteeism. 


Workplace mediation is a method of dispute resolution which offers an informal, structured process in which an independent third party, a mediator, helps people in a disagreement or dispute create a way forward.  Workplace mediation is future focused, moving the emphasis away from how things were towards a healthy working relationship with mutually agreeable practical solutions to historic issues.  Mediation can also be used to resolve conflicts within teams.


Our workplace mediators are highly skilled professionals, offering a facilitative approach to restoring working relationships though private, impartial dispute resolution negotiation and support. 


For further information or to discuss the nature of your dispute and the options available to you, please contact our case advisors by telephone on 020 3600 5050 or by e-mail at

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