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Civil and Commercial Register

ADR Group's Register of Mediators are trained and accredited by the ADR Group.  

The ADR Group are regulated by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) for all Civil and Commercial and Workplace mediations.  

The ADR Group supports its mediators to ensure they have met the practice and standards of the Civil Mediation Council.  


Amelia Jane King
Amy Hucklesby
Andy Kenward
Bethany Jane Pilling
Catherine Rawlin
Charles Marquand
Dominic Bright
Daniela Ferrigno
Dr David Carey

Dr Ekaterini Kyriacou 

Emily Johnson
Emma Serjeant

Gordon Deane
Harry Spurr
Dr Ian Cambell

Jo Richardson

John Gosling
John Holland

John Quigley

Kulvinder Singh Manik
Laura-Pauline Adcock-Jones
Lawrence Harrison
Lori Pinkerton-Rolet
Macarena Mata
Martin Horne
Min Jing Lee
Ming (Natalie) Hiu Kwan
Miriam Manning
Naomi Hawkes
Nihal Cuppoor
Phebe Mann
Stephen Wood

Tricia Merritt-Barker
Zoe Alice North
Zoe Miller



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